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Sharing and cooperation in geo-information technology
Aziz, T. Lukman

The choice of a regular grid allows to compare the variation in manage the DTM in the studio areas to allow the control in the
the time of the height. It has been defined a programme to time of the variation of volume.
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Fig. 9. Contour line representation of a quarry (Cemusco sul Naviglio)
3. GIS technology to support the management of the data
during the time
A GIS has been realized due to manage the data using Arclnfo
(ESRI) on NT platform: through the ASCII, *.txt, *.* files,
with the 3D co-ordinate of the points, using the TIN module it
has been built on the DTM the 3D model to support the
valuation of
the volumes and the analysis of the variation in the time in
function of the subsequent surveys at the different temporal
phases. A standard and appropriate methodology can become
an agile real time instrument for the advancing of the
extractive activity: GIS could be used by both public
administration and private subject to of the work organization
and of control in the time.