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New perspectives to save cultural heritage
Altan, M. Orhan

CIPA 2003 XIX 11 ' International Symposium, 30 September - 04 October, 2003, Antalya, Turkey
C k -41.195 mm;
X h 0.374 mm and Y h 0.057 mm
A, -3.548E-005 and A 2 2.457E-008 as parameter for
the radial distortion;
R 0 15.0 mm
Figure 1. The Rolleiflex DB44-Metric
The procedures of the Rollei define the curve of distortion by
A,. =A, -R-(r 2 -R 0 2 )+A 2 -R-(r 4 -R*) (1)
and in this case, R varied between zero and 26mm. The radial
distortion curve is represented in Figure 2.
Figure 2. Curve radial distortion
It’s self-evident as to the value of 26 millimeters of radial
distance, the radial distortion assumes the value of 156pm same
at 17pixel.
The used camera represented a prototype developed from the
Rollei and therefore comparative calibration has been rerun to
The implemented analytical model in the self-calibration
algorithm depends on the equations of collinearity complete of
the relative part to the radial distortion.
f( x ) = X-X 0 +C-
fi, • {X -2Ü+fi 2 -(y-T>fi 3 -(Z-Zj
_fii '(X-X 0 )+r 32 • (E-T„) + r 33 -(Z-Z 0 )_
K r r 2 + K 2 -r 4 ] =0
where r 2 = (x - x o ) 2 + (y - y o f (3)
1.3. Test and result of method
For the determination of the parameters a polygon has been
come true test in which they have been executed several
photographies to several distances of taken, correspondents to
several scales of photogram.
Figure 3. The Polygon Test where they are visible the target
topographical finds by means of total station Leica TCRM1103
In order to evaluate the overall accuracy of our method, we have
performed a calibration test using a target white 60 black
squares on white background, each had a lateral dimension of
40mm. The vertices oh these squares were employed as control
l -so
1 -100
Radial distance (mm)
Figure 4. Curve obtained of the radial distortion from the
process of self-calibration
The result experiences them of the phase test has supplied the
following values of calibration!
f(y)= y~y u +c-
-(y-y 0 Y
'r 2i .(X-X 0 )+r 22 -(Y-Y 0 )+r 2} -(Z-Zj
S ir (X-X 0 )+r 33 -(Y-Y 0 )+r u -(Z-Z 0 l
K r r 2 +K 2 -r 4 ] =0
C k 41.295 mm;
X h 0.458 mm and Y h 0.035 mm
K, -4.2007E-005 and K 2 3.5085E-008 as parameter
for the radial distortion;