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New perspectives to save cultural heritage
Altan, M. Orhan

CI PA 2003 XIX th International Symposium, 30 September - 04 October, 2003, Antalya, Turkey
Figure.2 PlanofStoas
Photogrammetric restitution for south front of stoas was
evaluated by PICTRAN software. The photographs taken with
Leica R5 optic camera were used at photogrammetric restitution
of south front. A Total 21 overlapped photographs were used in
this study. These photographs were divided to two phases. In
order to get link between two phases, three photographs from
each phases were shared in two phases. Photogrammetric
restitution was obtained by Pictran software and drawing of stoa
were transferred into Autocad. East front and west front of each
stoa were separately evaluated by Picran software . For this
process, photographs taken with Nikon 950 digital camera were
used and drawings were transferred into Autocad(Fig.5).
Figure.3 A View From Photogrammetric Restitution in
Figure.4 South Front Drawing of Stoas
Figure.5 East Drawing of 17.Stoa
Geodetic plan and photogrammetric rolove of 20 stoas for
which land work have been completed and excavated up to July
2002 were obtained. Land work in this study was completed
approximately on 4 days. Duration of this method perhaps
seems to be very short while compared with other methods
durations.Depending on obtained drawing and digital data,
detail data about stoa which will be used for stoas on next works
were obtained at a very high geometric accuracy. Owing to
photogrammetric method, both data in dxf form and
photogrammetric restitution results as digital can be saved
easly. These data can be used in following works.Therefore,
compenent of new stoa which will be excavated by Archeology
team in this area and others component of Knidos Ancient City
can be entegrated in this work.
This authors wish to acknowledge the financial assistance given
by the BAAP of Selcuk University and the cooperation and
assitance of the Prof. Dr. Ramazan OZGAN, Prof. Dr. Cristian
OZGAN without whom this project would not have been
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