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New perspectives to save cultural heritage
Altan, M. Orhan

CIPA 2003 XIX th International Symposium, 30 September - 04 October, 2003, Antalya, Turkey
Within the scope of the renovation the Hatuniye Square is
recommended to go through as a currently active historical area
and tourist attraction accommodating many unique elements
where Izmir's urban identity is concerned, it is also suggested
that the historical fabric of the buildings surrounding the square
be refined, and the square itself be re-designed by working on
the floor covering of the streets leading to it, while maintaining
a unity with the other attractions in terms of plants and other
elements. For the renovation to be carried out on the façade, it
will be most suitable to detect those elements and alterations
which have destroyed the original look and remove them, to
apply maintenance and re-organization; and functionwise, it will
be best to allocate the appropriate units for public use. It is
suggested that these buildings be employed as restaurants, cafés,
accommodation facilities and souvenir shops.
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Figure 3 - Hatuniye Square the façade of the 1300 ,h street
As for re-designing the square, it will be preferable to formulate
a plan comprizing the improvement of the service facilities of
the mosque, the burial or transfer of the transformer in the
square, along with the visual and functional association of the
park area with the surrounding texture and architectural works.
One recommendation is to preserve the trees in the square as
they are, in addition to those to be planted anew. There will be
sales units, public seating, a sandwich stand, pieces of urban
furniture and light fixtures. Through the realization of the
project, the square will become a focus for daily cultural
1.3 Organizing The Religious Focus
Regarding the organization of the religious focus, a suggestion
has been offered as to the improvement of the synagogue
buildings situated in Havra Street and its surroundings
symbolizing a cross section of the cultural mosaic of Izmir, as
well as Kedoçe Synagogue and the area in the middle of Algazi,
Sinyora and Hevra synagogues located in the sector numbered
204. Consequently, the importance of the square in terms of
urban identity, faith tourism and the global Jewish identity will
be emphasized.
The recommendations are:
1. Improvements related with Hevra
2. Improvements related with Kedoçe
3. Re-designing the courtyard
4. Re-designing the building façades in the
streets surrounding the sector
The sector numbered 204, which is bordered with Havra Street
in the south and the side street numbered 927 in the north and
east, and where the synagogues in question are located, has a
concentrated religious function. The two synagogues in the
square, Sinyora and Algazi, are still functioning, whereas the
other two are in ruins.
Sinyora Synagogue, which Donna Gracia Mendes, the symbol
of the 16 th century Sephardic Jews, ordered to be built in the
same century; was later repaired in 1841 and recently went
under restoration (Galante, 1960). The Algazi family had Algazi
Synagogue built in the 18 th century, in the year 1724 to be
specific. Both synagogues have rectangular plans with their
tevahs in the middle. Flevra Synagogue was built in the 17 th
century, and repaired twice in 1838 and 1971. It was heavily
damaged by the flood a few years ago and the roof was swept
away during a storm. Recently the synagogue fell in completely
and is utterly ruined. The building has a central plan and the
tevah is situated in the middle. Kedo?e (Forasteros) Synagogue
is a structure of which some of the exterior walls are still erect,
but the roof has totally disappeared. The synagogue has been
attached a number of walls in various directions.
Figure 4 - Kedoçe Synagogue and the suggestion to renovate
the courtyard
Photograph 8 - Kedo$e Synagogue and the suggestion to
renovate the courtyard
Within the scope of the Kedo§e Synagogue renovation, where
the building is to be turned into a half-open structure, re
designing the floor covering and the greens is being considered
as well as the liberation and conservation of the walls. It is
therefore suggested that the additional walls and separations be
picked out, the original entrance which is presently closed be re
opened, the plasterwork, stone and tile surfaces of the walls be
cleaned, the finishing of the wall tops be done and saddle
coping be applied to prevent them from eroding, windows be re
opened in the walls where they used to be, the missing parts of