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New perspectives to save cultural heritage
Altan, M. Orhan

CIP A 2003 XIX th International Symposium, 30 September - 04 October, 2003, Antalya, Turkey
(relative and absolute), the stereo restitution, the results and
products derived from the graphical restitution protocol and
CAD processing.
Figure 5. A slide from the presentation “Stereo
2.3 Guidelines, Manuals and other Texts
Spanish which should allow people participating in
international projects to communicate in an appropriate manner.
On the Internet the glossary is combined with illustrations.
2.4 Software
Apart from the presentations and the manual, the main emphasis
was put on a program called IMDIS, providing a simple and
easy to use rectification tool. It is an excerpt of the commercial
software package Archimedes3D (Wiedemann et al., 2003). The
rectification can be made to selected points on a vertical plane
from a cloud of 3D control points or on a simple planar
rectangle. Results can be achieved rapidly in the field if a digital
camera is used. The flexibility of the software has been reduced
to simplify the user interface and prevent the user from
decisions (like the applied re-sampling mode) with subordinate
importance in the vast majority of situations. The rectification
plane is defined as the adjusted vertical plane through the group
of points, which have been measured in the image.
The software works only with a Microsoft Windows® operating
system and is therefore not available on other platforms. The
version for small images (results smaller than 1000 x 1000
pixels) is free of charge available on the Internet at
www.archimedes3.com. Unlimited versions with the same or a
wider functionality are available at the FPK Ingenieur GmbH,
Berlin, Germany (see www.fpk.de).
A German language manual has been produced for architectural
surveying, based on the experiences in interdisciplinary projects
and teaching of graduate students in conservation. Further
textual contributions to the RecorDIM initiative is the core of a
glossary, at the moment in English, German, French and
Some other tools for point and vector data manipulation
(vdfcopy), for simple geodetic calculations (poly), point
transformation (vdftp) and the generation of point marks
(marks), are available for different platforms free of charge
without any restrictions.
Figure 6: User interface of the IMDIS, the free rectification tool from the Archimedes3D package