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International cooperation and technology transfer
Mussio, Luigi

Fig. 10 - The rectification of the wall n°4 employing
ARC HIS System.
ARCHIS System is a software for the elaboration of
digital images at the beginning, we used one photogram
obtaining its image by a scanner and than completing the
work using the control points determinated with the
topographic method of the forward resection.
In the following figure n°Il we can see the elaborate
performed using this method with reference to the walls
n° 1 at a scale 1 : 50.
Finally the representation of the whole wall n° 1 - 2 at
the scale 1 : 100 because of size reasons it is obtained
with the ARCHIS System, (fig. 12)
Fig. 12 - The wall 1 - 2 at scale 1:100
( ARCHIS System)
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Fig. 9 - The rectification of the wall n° 4 performed with
Zeiss SEG VI.
A restitution by using only one photogramm ( the
rectification method ) can be obtained with sempiyfied
methods, like ARCHIS system by Galileo Siscam. (fig.
10) ( We must in fact immediatly observe that an
instrument as Zeiss SEG VI is very expensive ).
Fig. 11 - The rectification of the wall n°l
( ARCHIS System )