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International cooperation and technology transfer
Mussio, Luigi

Fangi G.
Control Directions for the Calibration of Terrestrial Non-metric Cameras
Fangi G., Gagliardini G. 218
Experiences of Virtual Reality
Fangi G., Nardinocchi C. 229
The Grid Method, a Simple Procedure for the Determination of the Lense Radial Distortion
Fiani M., Troisi S. 236
DEM’s Comparison for the Evaluation of Landslide Volume
Forlani G., Pinto L. 244
Automatic DEM Generation in Quarries
Giussani A., Vassena G. 250
Static Control of Palazzo della Regione in Padua
Gross C.P. 254
Conditions Préalables au Fonctionnement Efficace et Durable d’un SIG à Base de Télédétection
Guamieri A., Vettore A 258
Procedures of Correction of the Geometry Distorsions for Digital Images
Guerra F., Balletti C., Miniutti D. 266
Geoplantrasf: a Software for the Georeferencing of Digital Images by Using Plane Transformations
Gueye A.L., Agbo B. F., Kibora P.M 272
La Decadence en Production Cartographique en Afrique: Causes et Therapies de Redémarrage
Gueye A.L., Aguda O. 273
Geomatics Education in Nigeria: the Current Drives
Happi Mangoua F. 274
De la Topographie Conventionelle Vers la Geomatique: une Évolution Technologique de
l’Enseignement Technique Dans le Système Éducatif Camerounais
Herrmann L., Vennemann K, Stahr K. 285
Internet-Atlas of Natural and Agronomie Resources in Niger and Benin - A Tool for
Presentation and Exchange of Spatial Data -
Konecny G. 286
Mapping from Space
Kosmatin Fras M 291
Contemporary Metrical Documentation of Cultural Heritage Architecture
Kraus K. 298
Acquisition of Topographie Data by Laser Scanning and Digital Photogrammetry