Full text: International cooperation and technology transfer

талу occasion to meet, due to professional reasons too. I 
remember in particular two events. The first was in 1982/83, 
when we together studied the catastrophical coastal Ancona 
landslide. He coordinated the photogrammetric surveys, 
comparing the situation preceding the event with that 
following. 1 was instead responsible of the geophysical 
Since no survey were carried out before the landslide, the 
photogrammetric surveys turned out to be fundamental. In 
this way, we were together able to build a reliable mechanism 
model of that exceptional event, useful for the following 
consolidation and rebuilding interventions and, in a general 
way, for the territory use. 
In 1988, Mariano offered me to repeat the gravimetric survey 
in the Milan municipal area, already carried out by Solaini 
and Cunietti in 1951. The measures taken then (all personally 
taken by Cunietti) showed a clear negative anomaly, nearly 
circular, centred on the town, whose cause was considered to 
be essentially related to aquifers, and also associated to the 
phenomenon of the subsidence that created some problems to 
civic monuments too. In the meantime, under the supervision 
of Cunietti, was created a close network of leveling bench 
marks in all the municipal area. 
Thanks to the help of Agip, with pleasure we repeated and 
extended the measures taken in 1951, measuring the gravity 
on the leveling bench marks by means of a microgravimeter 
and connecting the city network to the regional Agip network 
of the Po River plain. The negative anomaly remained 
fundamentally the same. Thus has been verified the excellent 
reliability of the measures taken by Cunietti and also, as our 
models demonstrated, has been found, that the cause of the 
density fault, under Milan, is due to surface lithology, 
remained similar to that existing before the town foundation. 
Unfortunately this last meeting didn’t be gladdened, as the 
previous ones, by convivial reunion. The disease that slowly 
lead Mariano to death was already active. However he was 
not overcome by this: calm and courageous, he talked about it 
and he was able to handle the situation. I like to remember 
Mariano Cunietti in this way: rigorous in his research activity 
and work; severe towards himself; tolerant with the other 
Roberto Cassinis

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