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International cooperation and technology transfer
Mussio, Luigi

npétences des
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GEF (Banque
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t entre le Projet
F et la société
B. Ruzgiene
Lithuanian Committee for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Department of Geodesy
Vilnius Technical University of Gediminas
Sauletekio al.l 1, 2054 Vilnius, LITHUANIA
Tel: +370 2 76 78 79
Fax: +370 2 76 38 64
e-mail: rimantas.ram@GEODI.VTU.LT
ISPRS Working Group VI/3
égionale avec
j végétation de
iu financement
îe composante
r orest Cover) .
3 cartographie
it du couvert
la NASA ; ce
rmation dans la
teroun Gabon,
un système
qui aurait pour
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pis les risques
îr l’exploitation,
nas directeur
/ ADIE sur
et JERS) dans
The Geodesy Institute of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University is accomplishing works on establishing the
basic digital map for the city Vilnius. There are forming the topographic data bases. By constructing the appropriate
specification it was taken in account the GIS requirements and the possibility to identify the planimetric features in
stereomodel without the field interpretation. Essentially an accurate map compilation technology is applied and further
improved. The planimetric absolute accuracy for defined feature points is predicted to be about 20 to 30 cm. At latest
time the data bases shall be supplemented by information of the engineering installation networks. Those works and the
technical aid partly was sponsored by the Government of Norway.
The map is constructed by digital photogrammetric techniques using the stereodigitalisation of the features
(details). Digitalisation of geodetic elevation’s points from existing plans at a scale of 1:500 was carried out for
facilitate of establishment the digital map by stereophotogrammetric technique. Importation of digitised high points to
stereophotogrammetrics data base speed up construction of digital map and in the wooded territory as well as in
territory built on by high buildings digitised data from existing plans are only information about relief.
The aerophotography had been taken at scale of 1:6 000 by the Norway AO Fjellanger Widerpe on an area of
250 km 2 . For determining the space positions of the air stations for photographs has been used the kinematics GPS
system. The aero triangulation was constructed in blocks expanded to 340 photographs in one unit. Adjustment of
triangulation blocks has been performed according to the Norwegian programme NLHBUNT. The programme is used
for GPS-supported bundle block adjustments. Calculation of point coordinates in the strip has been done by Schuts
method. Estimated a priori sigma - naught of the adjusted block was received 8.30 pm. Residuals in ground control
points - till 0.10 m.
The digital map is digitised using the computerised analogue photogrammetric instruments such as Wild
autograph A8 and Santoni-Galileo stereosimplex lie.