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International cooperation and technology transfer
Mussio, Luigi

member, paying a lack of content unfortunately frequent in the university people; indeed WG VI/3 according to its
Terms of Reference cannot neglect or dismiss contributions from industry, engineering firms, etc.
Consequently TC VI and, particularly WG VI/3, could play an important role with the aim to enlarge the participation
and to have activities at a really important level. Indeed the bigger danger is to restrict the responsibility and
participation to a few number of countries and/or groups. There are two possibilities to overcome these troubles: the
foundation of democracy for an elite or to enlarge democracy and participation. The Working Group has chosen the
second hypothesis. Its spirit, promoting the contributions of young people and people coming from developing countries
and reaching 355 members between participants and correspondent members, involving 57 countries (more than 50% of
the ISPRS Ordinary Members), proofs that WG VI/3 is going in the correct direction.
The volume of the proceedings collects the contributions of the technical sessions, poster session and tutorials, as well
as the compte rendu of the meetings and the list of participants and correspondent members.
Prof. Luigi Mussio
Chairperson, ISPSR WG VI/3
Prof. Bruno Crippa
Secretary, ISPSRS WG VI/3
September, 1999