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The 3rd ISPRS Workshop on Dynamic and Multi-Dimensional GIS & the 10th Annual Conference of CPGIS on Geoinformatics
Chen, Jun

ISPRS, Vol.34, Part 2W2, “Dynamic and Multi-Dimensional GIS’’, Bangkok, May 23-25, 2001
This paper introduced a fully automatic approach to the
registration of satellite images against vector maps. The
proposed approach consists of two procedures: feature
extraction for matching, and mismatch determination. Our
approach for the extraction of matching features uses the
indicators based on the NDVI derived from multi-spectral
satellite images. Mismatch is determined through the use of
voting displacements between the positions of the features and
those of topographical objects projected onto satellite images.
Experimental results show that our method can register satellite
images against maps automatically and accurately.
More experiments are needed including a wide variety of test
areas. Several problems remain. As regards feature extraction,
more studies on the threshold values are needed. Additionally,
the choice of window size should also be examined. With
regard to mismatch determination, more studies on the
geometry conversion of rotation and expansion are needed. In
particular, a method that handles these conversions is also
The authors are thankful to our research coworkers for valuable
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