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The 3rd ISPRS Workshop on Dynamic and Multi-Dimensional GIS & the 10th Annual Conference of CPGIS on Geoinformatics
Chen, Jun

ISPRS, Vot.34, Part 2W2, “Dynamic and Multi-Dimensional GIS". Bangkok, May 23-25. 2001
Figure 1 the System Architecture
ani, and 12120,
standard mapping
hem ideal for data
is using a ground
alibrated sensors,
letection and Sign
I Sign Library. The
lization. The Sign
i a real application
i, it is a problem
ave incorporated
ble 1).
Van for Image captures
Road Sign
Image Sequence
Computer System for
Road Sign Recognition
NS, CCD camera
rabill 1989,chwarz
i, Schwarz 1996).
)n recessing such
ts, and traction of
Li 1994, Xin 995,