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Mapping without the sun
Zhang, Jixian

have been discarded in Figure 8. However, the detection result
shows degraded edge connectivity, this can be made up by
some following processing such as edge linking. The ROI
boundary image which is supposed to have better connectivity
and less fake edges is not regarded as the final detection result,
because the location of the edge is no longer accurate after
image segmentation and a series of filtering process.
Figure 8 Optical Canny Edges Figure 9 Detection Result
A detection method for line-type targets based on SAR and
optical image fusion is proposed in this paper. The region
integrality of SAR images and the legible edge of optical
images are utilized in the method. It can be easily realized,
since the involved image processing technologies are all well-
developed and mature. Experiment results demonstrate the
feasibility and the validity of the proposed method. However,
some improvement can be made in the following aspects. The
final detection result should be provided with better edge
connectivity on the premise of algorithm simplicity and
speediness; different pixel location should be given a different
believe factor to generate a more better result.
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