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Mapping without the sun
Zhang, Jixian

A strategy for cla
individually classil
derive the final cla:
and nonparametric
results of a single 5
sources provide dif
Regions with a
investigated in nr
studies. These are
variability and tyj
cover changes betv
single-date approa
temporal differen
applications are mi
the accuracies of
However, the effic
weather conditions
Hence a reliable §
growing season is
Europe. This is
monitoring system;
these factors and
increased by using
al., 2004, Blaes et c
Beside the multite
impact of multise
illustrated, e.g., dal
imagery (Benedikts
2004, Blaes et al., 2
The main reason foi
two different sei
wavelengths, rangir
dissimilar land c
classification accur;
Even if some applii
methods such as the
(Chust et al., 2004
those methods are
because in the very
Corresponding aui