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Mapping without the sun
Zhang, Jixian

subsidence monitoring: a comparison among ENVISAT, ERS and
JERS-1, Proceedings of 2004 ENVISAT Symposium, Salzburg,
Austria, 6-10 September, Session 3,pp. 04-09
Perski, Z., and Jura, D., 2001, ERS SAR interferometry for land
subsidence detection in coal mining areas. EOQ 63, pp. 21-25
Timmen, L., Ye, X., and Reigber, C., 1996, Monitoring of small
motions in mining areas by SAR interferometry.
Xu, W. D., 2005.Present Status of Mine Environmental Geologic
Disasters and Their Pervention and Control Countermeasure in
Fushun, Mining Safety & Environmental Protection, 32(6), pp.
This work was supported by Hong Kong Research Grants
Council (RGC/ polyu 5157/05E) and National Natural Science
Foundation of China (NSFC 40404001).