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Mapping without the sun
Zhang, Jixian

Method 1
Method 2
Method 3
Error (pixel)
time (s)
time (s)
216. 23
0. 566
20. 92
0. 933
0. 570
0. 521
19. 68
0. 878
19. 87
0. 536
221. 23
0. 535
0. 857
0. 520
232. 13
0. 580
0. 951
23. 51
0. 576
Table 1 Comparison of registration precision and time
In this paper, an novel high-precision registration algorithm for
images with different time, sensor and resolution is proposed
and the result of experiment using TM and SPOT images
showed that:
1) The method proposed in this paper has good precision and
low time cost. The grid technology based on entropy could
make the extracted feature points distribute evenly.
2) Based on a few of accurate control points, the registration
algorithm using invariant moments similarity measurement
combined with global relaxation matching has high tolerance
degree to geometry transformation and gray difference.
3) Eliminating mismatch points using quadratic polynomial
model is feasible and could improve the precision of
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