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Mapping without the sun
Zhang, Jixian

AVG RMS - Average of the RMS for the 4096 range blocks
to their closest domain blocks
PSNR - Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio of seven times iterated
decoding image to the original image
Using the traditional method, the result shows that the
decoding image is very similar to the original image. Though
the quality of decoding image in the improved method is a bit
lower, the consumed encoding time has descended to about
18min. To different types of range blocks, we only search the
most similar domain blocks in the same types of area. It can
reduce the searching time and area. The experiment
demonstrates the speed of the remote-sensing images
encoding is improved.
The image can also be classified into four or more types
according to the features, and the quality of decoding image
will be improved. However it’s more complex when finding
the closest domain blocks for the range blocks. Meanwhile the
consuming-time will be enhanced. How to balance the quality
of decoding image and the consuming-time of encoding is
still a problem.
In this paper, a traditional fractal compression algorithm is
described and successfully applied on remote sensing image
compression. As the exhausted consuming time, an
improvement of the fractal compression by pre-classifying the
image has been introduced and has a better result in the speed
of encoding time.
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Supported by the Project-sponsored by SRF for ROCS, SEM.
mt wmb yd norfBJuqmoD o1 anoitefirniJ
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