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Mapping without the sun
Zhang, Jixian

The paper takes the Beijing-1 small satellite image of Taian,
Shandong as an example, performs the orthorectification
experiment with traditional first-order RFM and fined RFM,
and verifies the positioning accuracy of the orthographic image
by independent CKPs.
Building RFM through RPC can achieve relatively ideal
positioning accuracy compared to linear equation and
polynomial transform. Especially, the refined second-order
RFM is more accurate with nearly a sub-pixel positioning
accuracy that is close to the accuracy of the rigorous sensor
model based on the collinearity equation. When there is serious
shortage of control points and small terrain undulation, it can be
considered using first-order RFM to rectify and achieve
relatively ideal accuracy with a few control points. However,
when the number of CKPs is not enough and the height change
is large, the refined RFM should be proposed, for adding a
small amount of GCPs can obviously improve the positioning
accuracy. The experiment proved the residual errors sharply
reduced in the size and distributed still more evenly in direction.
The refined RPM thus may be suitable for Beijing-1 small
satellite orthorectification
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Special thanks Beijing Landview Mapping Information
Technology Co.Ltd. for sponsoring Beijing-1 image.