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Mapping without the sun
Zhang, Jixian

connection with each interrelated subject as a branch of DMKD.
So the methods of Spatial Data Mining and Knowledge
Discovery are numerous, they are mainly Statistical method,
Induction method, Clustering method, Association Rules
Mining method, Spatial Analysis method, Exploratory Data
Analysis, Rough Set method, Artificial Neural Networks,
Genetic Algorithm, Dempster-Shafer method etc. Inductive
Learning method is a very important method of Data Mining
and Knowledge Discovery, and it can sum up the determinant
regulation and mode from large amount of experiential data.
The Inductive Learning methods in common use are Attribution
Orient Inductive (AOI) and Decision Tree (DT)[6], Currently,
some scholars have already made some beneficial trials on the
application of Decision Tree method in remote sensing
information extraction.
Remote sensing information extraction based on knowledge is a
kind of good method, it can synthetically use all the remote
sensing information such as spectrum, texture, shape etc. These
knowledge can use solely, and can use together. We can choose
one kind of knowledge or several kinds of knowledge according
to our need. It attains wonderful effect in information extraction.
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