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Mapping without the sun
Zhang, Jixian

Figure 9. Orthorectified SAR image
Figure 6. Feature points in real SAR and constructed TIN
We have proposed a method to orthorectify the space-borne
SAR image in mountain areas based on DEM directly using
simulated SAR and it is feasible. The relationship between
DEM and simulated SAR image can be built according to
simulated SAR using DEM, then lots of feature points can be
detected correctly by Harris operator. The homologous points
distributed in real SAR can also be correctly extracted by
mutual information matching. The constructed triangle irregular
network which uses the feature points as vertices is an ideal
solution to register the simulated SAR with real SAR finely.
Therefore the real space-borne SAR image can be orthorectified
finely by DEM and simulated SAR.