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Mapping without the sun
Zhang, Jixian

1 Remote Sensing,
for the use in the
after obtaining the
e authors' opinions,
3y the editors or by
Table of Content
Foreword (i)
Scientific Committee (ii)
Organizing Committee (iii)
Full Papers
B. Waske, J. A. Benediktsson
Decision Fusion of Multitemporal SAR and Multispectral Imagery for Improved Land Cover
Classification (1)
Jiang Liming, Lin Hui, Liao Mingsheng, Yang Limin
Synergistic Use of Optical and InSAR Data for Urban Impervious Surface Mapping: A Case
Study in Hong Kong (7)
Jia Yonghong, Rick S. Blum , Ma Yunxia
A Novel Fusion Method of SAR and Optical Images for Urban Object Extraction (13)
Timo Balz
Real-time SAR Simulation for Change Detection Applications based on Data Fusion (17)
Xie Feng, Chen Yingying, Lin Yi
The Optimizing Method of Fusing SfAR with Optical Images for Information Extraction (23)
You Hongjian, Kun Fu
Orthorectifying Spaceborne SAR by DEM based on Fine Registration (29)
M. He, X. F. He
Detection and Analysis of Earthquake-induced Urban Disaster based on
InSAR Coherence (35)
Zeng Yu, Zhang Jixian, J.L.Van Genderen, Li Haitao
Multi-scale SAR Land Use / Land Cover Classification based on
Co-occurrence Probabilities (39)
Ralf Duering
TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X: Revolution in Spaceborne Radar (43)
Lu Dehao
A Multi-wavelength Imaging System for Detection of Foreign Fibers in Cotton (48)
Zhang Guokun, Wang Leiguang, Zhang Hongyan
A Fusion Algorithm of High Spatial and Spectral Resolution Images
based on ICA (54)
Li Pingxiang , Zhang Jixian , Shen Huanfeng, Zhang Liangpei
A Super Resolution Reconstruction Algorithm to Multi-temporal Remote
Sensing Images (58)