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Remote sensing for resources development and environmental management
Damen, M. C. J.

have been interpreted as uniform, they actually pre
sent different spectral reflectance and furthermore,
band ratioing is able to distinguish them one from a-
nother. Also, the location of the suspected areas is
connected to the tectonic escarpment of the Travale
graben where geothermal fluids actually can reach
the sub-surface more easily than elsewhere.
Digital analysis of stereo pairs has concentrated
and supported the previous suspects onto the site of
Poggio Mauriccia which is placed on the border of
the new geothermal field. That confirms also the go
odness of the results of the thermal investigation
where the same area was strongly pointed out.
However, the experience has shown that these sur
veys still need to be checked in several other cases
at different conditions; moreover, a noticeable kno
wledge of the geo-environmental situation on the gr
ound is still required as reference.
Nevertheless, the next step of this research will
be the achievement of shallow drillings for tempera
ture measurements at Poggio Mauriccia.
The authors would thank Mr A. Colli and Mr G. Boizan
for their technical assistance in drawings and pro
duction of outputs.
Particular thanks also to Dr Baldi, Enel-Unità Na
zionale Geotermica of Pisa for precious information
on the Travale geothermal field.
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