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Remote sensing for resources development and environmental management
Damen, M. C. J.

groups such as AARS, AERSeL, SELPER, the African
Council of Remote Sensing.
Lastly in some countries independent Remote Sen
sing Societies were formed independent of the acti
vities in ISPRS.
There are other bodies such as IAF, IGARSS of IEE,
and ERIM conducting well organized remote sensing
We have taken the liberty to invite all these
groups to meet on Wednesday at this symposium in a
socalled Joint Board of Remote Sensing Activities.
It cannot be the sense of this meeting to create
one organization of remote sensing. But on the other
hand noone can find duplication, proliferation and
overlaps very desirable.
Therefore we will come together in the intent to
form a coordinating group, which at annual intervals
can meet for the purposes:
- to listen to each other
- to schedule our meetings without duplication
- to exchange speakers at such occasions
- perhaps we may even establish some sort of roof
organization for this purpose.
If we achieve mutual understanding here, then we
have done something for a unified approach in remote
sensing, an approach which may even influence
governments to cooperate together in space efforts.
Satellites fly around one earth, we are one socie
ty, and I am happy to announce that we have within
ISPRS an intercommission Working Group "Camera Sys
tems from Space", which is able to exchange informa
tion between the West and the Socialist Countries of
the East.
We have met at many UN cartographic conferences in
many parts of the world and know that our work makes
real progress.
Let me express the hope as well, that ITC with its
worldwide scope and its international relations to
the developing countries can enhance the understand
ing further during this meeting and during the con
gress period. For the benefit of remote sensing, for
the benefitof man and his world.
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