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Remote sensing for resources development and environmental management
Damen, M. C. J.

Symposium on Remote Sensing for Resources Development and Environmental Management/Enschede/August 1986
© 1987BaIkema, Rotterdam. ISBN 90 6191 674 7
Table of contents
Opening ceremony
Opening session 959
Welcome addresses 961
C.P.C.M.Oomen 963
E.van Spiegel 965
Keynote addresses
Development and state of the art of remote sensing 969
Remote sensing applications: An outlook for the future 973
Herman Th.Verstappen
Invited papers
Comparison of MOMS and Thematic Mapper, data for geoscientific application and aspects for 983
future development of multispectral sensors
The second generation high resolution satellite systems: First results of the SPOT 1 satellite 989
Gérard Bracket
Small Format Aerial Photography for analysing urban housing problem (Case study: Bangkok 993
Metropolitan Region)
C.Chanond & CLeekbhai
Hydrologic and oceanographic applications of remote sensing 1005
Arthur P.Cracknell
Remote sensing for non-renewable resources: Satellite and airborne multiband scanners for 1009
mineral exploration
Alexander F.H.Goetz
The integration of remote sensing and geographic information systems 1015
David. G.Goodenough