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Executive & formal meetings, resolutions etc.

Introduction 1
ISP Council 2
List of Honorary Members ISP 2
List of Member Countries 3
ISP Technical Commissions and Working Groups 5
Council Meetings 8
Inaugural Plenary Session 9
Technical Exhibition 21
Historical Exhibition 26
Delegates Meetings 44
Final Plenary Session 60
Banquet in Guildhall 76
List of Participants 80
Congress Programme 93
Exhibition Guide 109
Rules of the Brock Award 141
Index to Advertisements 143
Advertisements 144
of the
PARTS 2, ... ,6
A detailed table of contents will be found at the beginning of each Part.
contains the General Reports of the Commissions, Sub-Commissions and
Working Groups.
contains the National Reports of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Federal
Republic of Germany, Finland, France, German Democratic Republic, Great Britain,
Greece, India, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzer
land, United States of America, Yugoslavia.
PARTS 4, . . . , 6 contain the record of speeches and general discussions; the
invited papers and the record of the discussions on these papers; the presented papers.
Commission I
Invited paper: G. C. Brock, The Quality of the Photographic Image
Related presented papers of: Welander, Schwidefsky (2), Meier, Hempenius, Jackson
Invited paper: R. David, Ueber einige geometrische Eigenschaften des Bildes und die Elemente
der inneren Orientierung von photogrammetrischen Kameras
Related presented papers of: Hallert, Tham, Carman, Eden (2), Corten