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Executive & formal meetings, resolutions etc.

This volume of the International Archives of Photogrammetry, now published
on behalf of the Congress Board, is the principle record of the work of the IXth Inter
national Congress of Photogrammetry which took place in London in September 1960.
The arrangement conforms sufficiently to that of former volumes to make continuity
apparent. The principle departure from precedent is the omission of translations for
everything other than the resolutions, which are printed in the three official languages.
Thus most of the record appears only in the language actually employed by the
contributor at the time, and this was largely English. The principle innovation is
the introduction of Invited Papers at the Congress, intended to focus the attention of
the various technical commissions upon particular subjects and to concentrate discussion
upon them in open meetings. The record of each discussion has been placed in the
particular section devoted to the work of the relevant commission. It will be found
following immediately after the invited paper (together with such few presented
papers as chairmen occasionally introduced for discussion at the same time as the
invited paper). The remaining presented papers whose subjects pertain to that
particular commission conclude each section. The general arrangement can be seen
in the table of contents at the beginning of this part.
The use of the word volume to indicate the whole record of a single congress
divided into several parts, each part bound separately or in groups, is traditional and
has therefore been retained although it may appear a little confusing to readers of
A comprehensive list of congress organisers and officials will be found in the
Congress Programme reproduced on pages 93 to 108. The Exhibition Guide will be
found reproduced on pages 109 to 140.
Advertisements appear in this part only; they will be found at the end of the
part with an index to them on page 143.