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Executive & formal meetings, resolutions etc.

For Period 1956—60 Appointed for 1960—64
Commission I
Photography and Navigation
President: J. Cruset
Secretary: H. Baudrimont
President: G. C. Brock
Associate President: R. W. Fish
Secretary: B. J. Attwell
Commission II
Plotting, Theory and Instruments
President: F. Vanderheyden
Secretary: A. M. Degraeve
President: Albert L. Nowicki
Secretary: Chester E. Kowalczyk
Working Group: Fundamental Problems
President: B. Hallert
Associates: L. Ottoson
K. A. Öhlin (Secretary)
President: G. Cassinis
Secretary: M. Cunietti
Commission III
Aerial Triangulation
President: G. de Masson d’Autume
Secretary: H. Bonneval
President: H. Harry
Commission IV
Mapping from Photographs
President: E. F. Gigas
Secretary (Plans): W. Haberlin Secretary: H. Belzner
Secretary (Maps): C. Broillet
Working Groups
W.G. 1. Cadastral Mapping
President: B. Lundgren
Secretary: S. G. Möller
President: B. Lundgren
Secretary: S. G. Möller
W.G. 2. Urban Mapping
President: B. L. Y. Dubuisson
President: B. L. Y. Dubuisson
Secretary: A. A. J. Burger