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Systems for data processing, anaylsis and representation

iPS is an im-
It is used to
ong the river.
on in canals,
he longitudi-
atching. The
ing GPS raw
act to current
ip's heading
ternatively a
ship the may
ship's speed
at the end of
an initial po-
pdating, the
1d speed log
n and head-
al values for
ted from the
e. The initial
mage is de-
ates. Within
itrix C, com-
] as the co-
wus the filter
otained from
state is given
ar update.
ated naviga-
e integrated
' processing
trol level for
ctly from the
ip. Asa con-
"s dynamics
inment must
n. The up-
presents the
onment and
model world
roduction of
available a-
odels for the
ctronic chart
rid with the
. Difference
sensor sig-
n the model
nals are the
ge matching

Control Navigator
Controller Output to Trajectory Traffic and Chart
Controller |< Planni <
Rudder and Engine anning Information
Traffic Rules
Navigation Imaging
> Sensors
| Navigating Other
[ Vessel Sensors
! Real World
| - - - - - - - - e
| Ma Iching Rules for
| Matching
| n NES
| ) «
Weighting FF Comparison
| -
| Models of Local Chart
other Vessels with other
]. 1]... a fm 7 o7 —
| Electronic Vessels: =
Chart T
| LJ Model of the Sensor
| Navigating > Models
| Model World

Figure 10: Structure of the integrated navigation system