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Upgrading of Stereoplotters by Carl Zeiss 
Dr. Reiner Schwebel 
Carl Zeiss, Oberkochen 
Carl Zeiss offers upgrade packages to enable the integration of analog stereoplotters into state-of-the-art 
plotting systems (PHOCUS, CADMAP, MicroStation, AutoCAD). The Planicomp analytical plotters can be 
enhanced to the latest performance level through computer and software upgrades. Of special interest is 
the possibility of converting the C100 Planicomp into P2 Planicomp. The sturdy design of the viewers and 
the comprehensive service and support ensure both continuity and progress for the Carl Zeiss 
photogrammetric systems. 
Key words: Digital mapping, stereoplotter upgrades 
1. Introduction 
Until the late seventies, the worldwide success of 
photogrammetry in the production of maps and 
plans was based on the development and industrial 
manufacturing of analog stereoplotters. Typical 
examples are A8, B8, PG2, Stereometrograph, 
Planimat and Planicart. Even in the age of 
analytical photogrammetry, however, the rugged 
design of these instruments, the service provided by 
the manufacturers and the upgrading options 
available guarantee a place for analog 
stereoplotters in the production of photogrammetric 
The development of the early analytical plotters, 
such as C100 Planicomp, dates back to the 
seventies. The modular design of this instrument 
category, comprising an opto-mechanical viewer, 
electronics, computer and software, permits the 
user to replace individual components by advanced 
versions and to benefit from progress especially in 
the field of computers and software. Again, it has 
been demonstrated that opto-mechanical viewers 
like that of the C100 Planicomp may last for a 
service life of 20 years and more, provided that their 
design and construction are sufficiently sturdy. 
Carl Zeiss as the leading manufacturer of 
photogrammetric systems therefore sees it as its 
responsibility to make upgrade packages available 
to the users of analog instruments and analytical 
plotters to enable the integration of 
photogrammetric viewers into a state-of-the-art 
production environment. 
2. Upgrading of analog instruments 
The XYZ coordinate movements of the model 
carriage in analog instruments have to be digitized 
and fed to a computer. For this, the analog 
instruments are fitted with linear or rotary encoders. 
The pulses are collected in a counter and interface 
unit and transmitted to the computer. After absolute 
orientation, the model coordinates are transformed 
in real-time into the national coordinate system. The 
plotting software processes the transformed 
coordinates into geometric object data, which is filed 
as a digitial map or GIS record and can be output. 
Depending on the plotting software and computer 
platform used, Carl Zeiss offers three different 
upgrading options: 
Analog Stereoplotter 
with Pulse Generator 

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