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Close-range imaging, long-range vision

ISPRS Council 2000 - 2004

President John C. Trinder Australia
Secretary General Ian Dowman United Kingdom
Congress Director Orhan Altan Turkrey
First Vice President Lawrence W. Fritz USA
Second Vice President Gerard Begni France
Treasurer Ammatzia Peled Israel
Technical Commission V: Close-Range Vision Techniques
President Petros Patias Greece
Secretary Alexandra Kousoulakou Greece
WGV/I: Automation for Vision Metrology Systems and Industrial Applications
Chair: Stuart Robson Co-Chair: Thomas Luhmann
WGV/2: Scene Modelling and Virtual Reality
Chair: Sabry El-Hakim Co-Chair: George Karras
WGV/3: Medical Image Analysis and Human Motion
Chair: Frank van den Heuvel Co-Chair: Hans-Peter Meinzer
WGV/4: Image Analysis and Spatial Information Systems for Applications in Cultural Heritage
Chair: Hirofumi Chikatsu Co-Chair: Gabriele Fangi
WGV/5: Quick Response and Distributed Computing for Close-Range Applications
Chair: Antony Stefanidis Co-Chair: Vincent Tao
WGV/6: Visualization and Animation
Chair: Armin Gruen Co-Chair: Shunji Murai
ICWG V/III: Image Sequence Analysis
Chair: Marc Pollefeys Co-Chair: Guoging Zhou