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Proceedings, XXth congress

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International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, Vol XXXV, Part B-YF. Istanbul 2004

Drop line occurs when a detector does not work properly for a
short period (figure 2).

Figure 2. Image No. 2 (AVHRR) with drop lines
Noise appears when disturbing EM or MW energies are present
or the sensor/detector is degraded(figure 3).

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Figure 3. Image No.3 (PAN) noisy
Band missing is a serious problem and is cased by corruption
of whole system of a band
2.2 Atmospheric Quality Assessment
Table 2 contains Atmospheric problems anddiagnosis methods.

In most of RS applications, absence of cloud is essential or
atleast it must be masked. Cloud could be recognized by its
shape and color as well as its spectral and thermal
characteristics (figure4).

Figure 4. Image No. 4 (AVHRR) Cloudy
Another Atmospheric problem is haze that appears when there
is considemble amount of dust, aerosols or water vapor within
the traveling EM energy path(figure 5).

Figure5. Image No.5 (LISSIII) hazy
2.3 Geometric Quality Assessment
Table 3 contains Geometric Quality defects and diagnosis

Atmospheric Visual Diagnosis Statistical Diagnosis methods.
Cloud Cover Cotton shaped High visible Geometric Visual Diagnosis Statistical
white segments reflectance and low Quality Element Diagnosis
brightness Band to band Unable to recognize | Different
temperature misregistration unless in significant | sharpness of the
Haze Ambiguous and Compressed and cases same edges
unusually bright shifted histogram Image to map Map overlay High matching
image misregistration mismatch residuals

Table 2. Atmospheric problems anddiagnosis methods
Table 3. Geometric Quality defects and diagnosis methods