Full text: Technical Commission VIII (B8)

International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, Volume XXXIX-B8, 2012 
XXII ISPRS Congress, 25 August — 01 September 2012, Melbourne, Australia Ier 
Cardenal, F.J., Mata, E., Perez-Garcia, J.L., Delgado, J., GEC 
Hernandez, M.A., Gonzalez, A., Diaz de Teran, J.R., 2008. 
Close range digital photogrammetry techniques applied to TH 
landslides monitoring. The International Archives Of The 
Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing And Spatial Information 
Sciences. Vol. XXXVII, Part B8, 235-240. 
Cardenal, F.J. Perez-Garcia, J.L., Mata, E., Hernández, M.A., * Geogr 
Lopez-Arena, A., Delgado, J., Gonzalez, A., Díaz de Terán, J.R., 
Fernández, G., Douthy, M., 2009. Integration of terrestrial laser bp ept. 0 
scanner and close range digital photogrammetric techniques for 
rock avalanches monitoring. 7th Int. Conference on 
Geomorphology, Melbourne, Australia. 
Gonzalez-Diez, A., Fernandez, G., Diaz de Teran, J.R., Doughty, 
M., Otero, C., Cardenal, F.J., Mata, E., Perez-Garcia, J.L. & 
Delgado, J., 2009. A methodological approach for the analysis KEY WC 
of the landslide changes using LIDAR and ADP. 7th Int. 
Conference on Geomorphology, Melbourne, Australia. 
Lichun, S., Li, J., Wang, X. and Zhao, D. 2009. Monitoring ABSTRA 
landslides dynamics using multitemporal terrestrial laser 
scanning data. Second International Conference on Earth The gre 
Observation for Global Changes, X. Zhang, J. Li, G. Liu, X. coast of ' 
Yang (eds.). Proc. of SPIE, 7471, 74711M. thousand 
were dest 
Miller, P.E., 2008. A robust surface macthing technique for dem The Ge 
integration in the context of coastal geohazard monitoring. The taken just 
International Archives Of The Photogrammetry, Remote planning : 
Sensing And Spatial Information Sciences. Vol. XXXVII. Part The au 
B3A. Beijing 2008, 147-154. area by tl 
Monserrat, A. & Crosetto, M., 2008. Deformation Measurement data of L 
Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data And Least Squares 3D Especiall 
Surface Matching. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry & damage i 
Remote Sensing, 63: 142—154. were lost 
flooded c 
Monserrat, A., Crosetto, M. and Pucci, B. 2008. Use of a point image tal 
cloud co-registration algorithm for deformation measuring. 73th The re: 
FIG Symposium on Deformation Measurement and Analysis, area was 
Lisbon. area and - 
area is 0 
Pesci, A., Fabris, M., Conforti, D., Loddo, F., Baldi, P. & up to 4 0 
Anzidei, M., 2007a. Integration of ground-based laser scanner area and 
and aerial digital photogrammetry for topographic modelling of with alm 
Vesuvio Volcano. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal managen 
Research, 162: 123-138. 
Pesci, A., Loddo, F. and Conforti, D., 2007b. The First 
Terrestrial Laser Scanner Application over Vesuvius: High 
Resolution Model of a Volcano Crater. International Journal of The gi 
Remote Sensing, 28, 1: 203-219. 11th Ma 
Pacific c 
Travelletti, J., Oppikofer, T., Delacourt, C., Malet, J.P. and earthqua 
Jaboyedoff, M., 2008. Monitoring landslide displacements twenty ti 
during a controlled rain experiment using a long-range this eartl 
terrestrial laser scanning (TLS). The International Archives Of of buildi 
The Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing And Spatial Information The C 
Sciences. Vol. XXXVII. Part B5. Beijing 2008, 485-490. provided 
aerial pk 
This paper is supported by ISTEGEO project RNM-06862 and sondes 
Research Group TEP-213, both from the Andalusia Research su. 
Plan (PAI) and the IFOTEL project TIN2009-09939 from the 
Ministry of Science and Innovation, National Programme 
R+D+I and European Regional Development Funds (ERDF). % Com 

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