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The role of digital components in photogrammetric instrumentations

2nd October 1975
After roll call the delegates were welcomed by Prof.Bertolotti,
President of Torino Esposizione, by Prof. Rigamenti, Rector of the
Technical Institute and by Prof. ^nghilleri, Chairman of Commitee II„
The meeting was officially opened by Dr. Gamble, President of
Thereafter the delegates were received by the Mayor of Torino
in the Town. Hall.
The first work sessions covered the discussion of the official
reports submitted by Dr. Helava of Bendix Corporation and Prof.
Konecny of Hannover University.
Dr. Helava brought to evidence the increasing importance of the
contribution given by digital components to the planning of photo
gramme trie devices and how the projecting engineers should adapt
themselves to the rather quick evolution of said technology.
He also reported on the use of digital components in the photogrammetrie
field as well as on the existing possibilities and future trend s that
can be expected in the future*in this specific area.
Prof. Konecny who has availed himself of two analytical plotters
since 1967 was able to analyze the possibilities offered by the
analytical plotting devices.
The user’s problem mentioned in the report is how to fully exploit
the instrument capacities according to the two ways that are opened
to this effect, i.e. either working with the software already available,
which is rather poor, or developing a proper software, even if this
requires a considerable amount of work, which anyway appears to be
necessary if we want to exploit the plotting device to 100$ of its