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Mesures physiques et signatures en télédétection

ticular maximum return time
key parameter within each
)f the degree of latitudinal
rbit and system parameter
ipplication area are given in
nporal requirements without
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of features. For agriculture,
seen at the time of critical
nly the ‘weak’ requirement
n be derived from SAR or
iquirement in terms of the
tisition is within this time
irising from microwave and
red to in Section 3.3.
areas in Table 1, it can be
day (for the areal extent of
off after rain). Temporal
ange from full snow cover
>f soil moisture after heavy
at the Feltwell and Vihti
s observed in the Vihti test
/th models in combination
Vihti and Mali test sites,
/ever, as soil moisture was
iters may be masking the
ral sampling requirements
>it and system parameter
l and 3, from which it can
ed by consideration of an!
l the optical instrument of
and 35 day repeat periods
tion sensor (e.g. AVHRR)
latform mission scenarios
: single-platform satellites
vVielogorska A. and Rast
esolution Optical Imager,
k, The Netherlands.
., 1993. Synergy in the
art for ESTEC contract