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Mesures physiques et signatures en télédétection

Ionia “lKm” Net-Browser
: informations
hived products
nstration here
ble April 94
iCSA’s Mosaic
ISPRS Val d’Isere 17th to 21th January 1994
Sixth International Symposium
Physical Measurements and Signatures in Remote Sensing
F.Mungo (1) , O.Arino (2) , J-M Melinotte (2) , Z. BjelogrIic (1)
o Intecs Sistemi spa
via Zoe Fonatana Ed B6
00131 Roma, ITALY
C.R 64, via Galileo Galilei
00044 Frascati, ITALY
ESA/ESRIN intends to offer the visibility of the “Global Land IKm AVHRR Data Set” archived at ESRIN. The
experimental Net-Browser called Ionia “lkm” is a customization of the Net-Browser server provided by Intecs
Sistemi. It gives to the Internet community the possibility to browse remotely the inventory information as well
as the Quick Looks processed by ESA/ESRIN from this data set.
1 Introduction
ESA/ESRIN is archiving since 1 April 1992 the data of the
“Global 1 km AVHRR Data Set” project. A cooperation plan
was established among NOAA, NASA, ESA, USGS and
CSIRO with the aim to insure the acquisition over all land sur
faces using NOAA afternoon satellite. The project has been re
conducted for another year leading to a 30 months duration,
(Buongiomo et al„ 1993). This project is recognized by the sci
entific community to be the most important for ongoing global
change studies. It is also recognized that access as soon as pos
sible to this data set is needed.
ESA/ESRIN will be in a position to give visibility of this data
set in April 1994. The visibility of the data set to users is
assured through the generation of the corresponding QL’s.
Their collection on CD-ROMs with the appropriate software is
to be completed by that date as well as their access through net
work: Ionia “1 km” Net-Browser.
The design of this CD-Browser and of the Net-Browser soft
ware take into account the very positive comments received
about the Ionia CD-ROM product. The requirements emitted
by the initiators of this “1 km” data set and namely the global
change researchers were driving the implementation of this
2 The Data Visibility
Based on past experience the data visibility is assured through
an inventory (also called Catalogue) which is a hi gh level de
scription of the archived data products and a Browse products
data set (generally a set of Quick Looks). The way of physically
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