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Proceedings of Symposium on Remote Sensing and Photo Interpretation

Title page
Frontispiece iü
Symposium Committee v
Foreword vii
Opening Remarks 1
Montana Public Land Resource Management Applications
of Remote Sensing - M.P. Meyer, H. Cosgriffe,
F.T. Batson, B.H. Gerbig and J.A. Brass 5
Land Use Classification in Bavaria From Aerial
Photographs and ERTS-1 Imagery - H.S. Helbig . 17
Application of Spatial Features to Satellite Land-Use
Analysis - J.A. Smith, R.J. Hornung and
J.K. Berry 23
Etudes multispectrales M in situ”, comparaison avec
enregistrements multispectraux: des applications
en agronomie - C.M. Girard 39
New Techniques in Mapping Urban Land Use and Monitoring
Change for Selected U.S. Metropolitan Areas: an
Experiment Employing Computer-Assisted Analysis of
ERTS-1 MSS Data - R. Ellefson, L. Gaydos, P. Swain
and J.R. Wray 51
Mapping Soil and Associated Resources in Northeastern
California Using ERTS-1 and Supporting Aircraft
Data - S.D. De Gloria and D.M. Carneggie 65
Objectified Data for Urban Green-Planning from CIR-
Aerial Photography - H. Kenneweg » 75
Multispectral Remote Sensing Application in Rangeland
Capability Evaluation for Grazing - M.K. Nosseir 89
Reconnaissance des essences forestières sur photographies
aériennes prises hors saison de la végétation -
P. Schram 101
An Attempted Forest Classification at the Regional Level
Using ERTS-1 MSS Imagery - U. Nielsen and J.M. Wightman ... 113
Economic Analysis of Ontario Farms From Aerial
Photographs - R.A. Ryerson 125
Automated Waterfowl Census - D. Bajzak 157
Use of Multiple-Stage Remote Sensing Techniques to
Develop Forest Stocking Equations - H.R. Bisson,
W.O. Rasmussen and P.F. Ffolliott l^ 7