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Papers for the international symposium Commission VI
Sitek, Zbigniew

Krakow, August 8-10, 1978
The papers were presented at the International Symposium
of Commission VI on Planning, Economy and Education in Photo
gramme try* The Symposium was held in the Stanislav/ Staszic
University of Mining and Metallurgy Krakdw /Poland/*
The Symposium was sponsored by. The Photogrammetric Research
Section of The Institute of Mining and Industrial Geodesy of
the University*
The meeting was held under the auspices of the International
Society for Photogrammetry and of the Polish Society of
Photogrammetry* This volume comprises all the papers that were
presented at the symposium*
The Symposium was atttendend by 60 participants from 19
countries, but papers and reports were sent from 21 countries*
We have 5 technical sessions, with one joint session of
Commission VI - W*'G*5 /Planning Economy and Professional Aspects/
and Commission-V r- W,G*2 /Cost Effectiveness of Close-Range
At the Symposium 17 papers and 4 Activity Reports of Working
Group /1,3,4,5/ were presented*
The Symposium gave the image of a present state of affairs
in the Commission and gave us an apportunity to built up
Commission VI program for the 1980 Hamburg Congress*
The papers are printed by offset technique in standard
format in the size provided by the authors*
Prof•Dr•Habil• Zbigniew SITEK
President of ISP Commission VI