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Transactions of the Symposium on Photo Interpretation

Different lens cones?
Auxiliary lenses?
Not with our new RMK A 15/23 Wide-Angle
Camera! Optimum image resolution with
panchromatic photography and infrared
photography due to specially corrected,
new Zeiss Pleogon A lens. Compare photo
sections and see for yourself: The infrared
photo on the right was taken in combination
with the standard orange filter (D). Contact
prints will be supplied upon request.
RMK A 15/23
a precision camera equipped with 6” high-performance
lens, negative size 9”x9’,’ featuring the time-tried Zeiss
Aerotop shutter (exposure times up to '/iooo sec.).
München 27, Ismaninger Straße 57
Western Germany
Symbol of photogrammetric progress