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Remote sensing for resources development and environmental management
Damen, M. C. J.

2d with accurate
£ terrain relief
POT imagery can
rds for 1:50,000
stereo imagery
it resolution or
neet elevation
50,000 mapping,
with increased
: base-to-height
3n accuracy of
translates to a
: 1:50,000 scale
feasibility of
:ellite imagery,
nponents used to
single, tightly
sible to produce
mally in a very
?ly on satellite
.n less than 24
;ing steps would
iter unattended
:hine free for
ìe day. (This
control data is
.ects physical
icludes input,
the imagery,
in, planimetrie,
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S.A., "The Automatic Generation of
Digital Terrain Models from Satellite
Images by Stereo", Proceedings of the
36th international Astronautical
Congress. October 1985.
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'ould be about
¡eluding field
'ntrol suitable
gery (these are
mparable costs
ng average at
e figures are
tion as part of
nclude capital
bour as well as
Yee, B., Turpin, D. ,Kenk, E.,
Sondheim, M., "A Context Based Technique
for Smoothing of Digital Thematic Maps",
accepted for presentation at VISION
INTERFACE '86, Vancouver Canada, May
1986 .
from satellite
Using existing
been created
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such mapping
future, fully
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ically accurate
magery. Such
omical and fast
techniques and
to the mapping
nature of the
Adam River
rived DTM)