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Modern trends of education in photogrammetry & remote sensing

Mr. President of the Int orncit iona 1 Society of Phot ogr ammo try and
Remote Sensing.
Mr. Secretary General of the Academy of Athens arid Secretary
General for Research and Technology of the Ministry of Industry
Energy and Tec hn o1ogy o f G ree c e.
Mr. Governor of Dodecanese.
Mr. Mayor of the City of Rhodes..
Mr. President of the Hellenic Cadastral and Mapping Organization
of Greece .
Distinguished Guests and Co 11©agues.
Ladies and Gentlemen.
It is a great pleasure to welcome you, on behalf of the N.T.U.
Athens, to the Rhodes Symposium on Modern Trends of Education in
Pho t ogrammet ry and R emo t e,Se nsing.
Being myself a Geodesist, I am very happy and proud to be- here
for the opening Ceremony and the works of a Symposium organized
by colleagues and friends together with which we have tried all
these passed years to promote the Subjects of Geodetic Sciences
and to give a better quality of Education to our Students in
Surveying, Geodesy, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing as well as in
Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S.) and Land Information
Systems (L.I.S.).
As you well know, Greece has the tradition in Sciences. From the
very old years the Greek Scientists and Philosophers played the
leading role and having a lot of imagination they managed quite
well to give the image of the Earth's Surface on a plane paper.
In other words they did a. very good Job in mapping.