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Proceedings of the Symposium on Progress in Data Processing and Analysis

Author(s) Page
S 1
Special Session
About the Importance of Commission II J.Pietschner
within the International Society Tor Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Advances in the Processing and Analysis K.Szangolies
of Photogrammetric and Remotely Sensed (GDR)
S 2 Manufacturers Forum
New Developments in the Processing
Software Tor P -Series Plani comp
Photogrammetric Products from Leica
J . S a i 1 e
(Switzer1 and)
S 3 Analytical Instruments (UG II / 1)
Digital Photogrammetric Applications D.Wilkins 35
with the Prime - Wild S 9 Analytical (Switzerland)
PI ot t er
DIGOMAT - The Analytical Photo- G.Bauer 43
grammetric Restitution System of (GDR)
Carl Zeiss JENA GmbH
ANALPRET Computer Assisted and
Controled Plotter for Teaching
and In t er pr et at i on
M- G -Gerencser 51
(Hun g ary)
S 4
S 5
Systems for Analysis of Remotely Sensed Data (UG II / 2)
Low Cast Image Processing and Personal M.Ehlers
Computers: The Macintosh-II based (USA)
A Low-Cast Image Processing System on
a 3 2 - b i t RIS (!) Mi c r o c o m p u t e r
N . J . M u 1 d e r
H.R. K a s twin d (2 r
L . „ B ]. G:' s i u s
( Net her 1 an d s )
Systems for Reception, Recording, Preprocess i ng, Archiving and
Dissemination of Remotely Sensed Data (UG II / 3)
P.Lieckfeld 71
K . - D . M i s s 1 i n g
A Fast Storage Unit with Integrated
Database Processor for Image Data