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Proceedings of the Symposium on Progress in Data Processing and Analysis

Mill t ispectral photocamera MK—4
State Scien11fic—Research and Production Centre
11 PRIRODA” of Main Administration of Geodesy and
Cartography of the USSR.
Krzhizhanovskogo, 14, korpus 2, 117801, Moscow,
V—218, GSP-7, USSR
Multispectral images in comparison with the survey
in uniform wide spectral range has an additional
interpretative feature which is originated by the
density(brightness) differences of the objects images
on series of the images acquired synchronously in
different sufficiently narrow spectral bands.
For obtaining the maximum scope of information of the
surveyed objects the remote sensing multispectral photodata
can be processed by different methods. For example, one of
the simple way is to interpret each image acquired in the
narrow spectral band, also it is possible to make images in
natural or conventional colours by a composition metnos,
also, it is possible to use so called differential images,
i.e. the images where the information proper to only the
given narrow spectral band is fixed and then to obtain
colour images from different images.