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Proceedings of the Symposium on Progress in Data Processing and Analysis

ISPRS Commission II Symposium, September 8-12, 1990, Dresden
Experimental Airborne Remote Sensing with Infrared-Scanner and
Panchromatic CCD Area Array Camera (Camcorder)
Weng, A.; Dr. Nopirakowski, J.; Ehrenberg, M.; Georgino, P.;
Radtke, B.; Dr. Reulke, R.
Institute of Space Research
Academy of Sciences of the GDR
Rudower Chaussee 5
To get experiences for the application of electro-opti
cal imaging scanners in remote sensing an experimental
airborne image aquisition and recording system was
The stored data are the basis for methodical researches
carried out for thematic use in close cooperation with
other institutions.
This paper describes the construction and function of
the experimental airborne image recorder, the methods of
data processing and comments the results of the flight
experiments done in the years 1989 and 1990.
The airborne image recorder consists of the following
- a scanner for the thermal infrared range,
- a CCD area array camera (camcorder) for the visible
spectral range,
- a PC for data-preprocessing, real-time representations
on a grafic display and a mass memory storage.
The flight-experiments were realized with the aircraft
L410 UVP of the INTERFLUG.
The final'image processing for geometrical correction
and image improving is done with the help of special