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Proceedings of the Symposium on Progress in Data Processing and Analysis

ISPRS Intercommission Working Group 11/111
Report to Commission II
H. Ebner*, I. Dowman**, C. Heipke*
*Technical University Munich, Federal Republic of Germany
**University College London, United Kingdom
1. The XVI. Congress of the International Society for Photogrammetry and
Remote Sensing in Kyoto 1988 accepted resolution II-2 (WG II/2 on
"Photogrammetric digital image processing systems") saying:
The Congress
Noting the contents of the Working Group II/2 technical
sessions at this Congress and that during 1984-1988 the
Working Group II/2 has successfully carried out
research, disseminated the results and contributed to
promotion in the area and further noting that the
progress in the area of digital systems is very rapid
and substantial
Recognizing that the need for development and evaluation of systems,
and dissemination of knowledge is increasing
Recommends that the activities of the Working Group II/2 be
continued under the same name and terms of reference.
and resolution III-4 (Algorithmic aspects of digital photogrammetric
workstations) saying:
The Congress
Noting that digital data is becoming increasingly available and
high performance hardware components are offered at
reasonable cost to support processing of this data
Recognizing the need for developing and expanding fully digital
systems including on-line triangulation, interactive
treatment of digital terrain models, and image analysis
Recommends the study of algorithmic aspects to support objects
feature extraction and location on digital photogramme
tric workstations.