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Application of remote sensing and GIS for sustainable development

1. Space Technology for Sustainable Development 1
D.P. Rao
2. Ecological Analysis and Modelling : Issues and Challenges 8
Harini Nagendra and Madhav Gadgil
3. Present and Alternate Landuse based on Natural Resources - 15
Role of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System
M.L. Manchanda and M. Kudrat
4. National Soil and Land Degradation Mapping - Remote Sensing Perspective 29
L. Venkataratnam
5. Geoinformatics for Forest Ecosystem Management 39
P.S. Roy *
6. Remote Sensing and GIS for Modelling Land Degradation due to Mining - 53
A Concept and Case Studies
A. Bhattacharya
7. Remote Sensing and GIS for Agricultural Crop Acreage and Yield Estimation 58
Vi nay K. Dadhwal
8. Integrated Watershed Developmental Planning Using Remote Sensing & GIS 68
Y. V.N. Krishna Murthy, A.K. Sinha, A. Jeyaram, S. Srinivasa Rao, S.N. Das,
D.S. Pandit, D.S. Srinivasan and C.K. Rajender
9. Groundwater Modelling for Sustainable Development Using GIS Techniques 75
Novaline Jacob, J. Saibaba and P. V.S.P. Prasada Raju
10. Hydrogeomorphic Criteria in Ground Water Modelling 79
S.K. Subramanian