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Sharing and cooperation in geo-information technology
Aziz, T. Lukman

International Archives of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. Vol. XXXII, Part 6. Bandung-lndonesia 1999
Dewayany Sutrisno
Gatot H. Pramono
Ati Rahadiati
Due to the rapid thematic data information required for spatial decision making processes an on-line thematic database information
seems needed to be developed. In this case, a model of integrated thematic database was developed in Windows NT Server by using
various software such as Microsoft internet information server 4.0, Visual basic, Frontpages Express 98, Adobe Page Miller, Adobe
PhotoShop or PaintshopPro ver.5.0, Microsoft Access 97, Arc/Info, and ArcView 3.1. The model of the database was created as an
open-ended system to accommodate any changes due to the dynamic characteristic of thematic information. It is proven that the on
line thematic database is a useable system that readily accessible to the users. Indeed, the information of the thematic map can be
accessed by people from all over the world with internet connection.
Dealing with the need to manage land resources, the
information of the data of the earth surface becomes
essential. As a result, the need of thematic information is
rapidly increased. The thematic database itself can be
either in tabular or spatial format. However, since the
spatial format is able to illustrate the location and
distribution of earth phenomena, the thematic spatial data
become more demanding for the users.
Since the advance of computer technology, there has been
an increasing demand to develop digital spatial database.
Therefore, maps, graphics, text material and other
information require complex and exact standard, large
storage capacities and immense databases. In this case, a
model of the integrated thematic database had to be
developed to facilitate the need. Indeed, due to the
demand of a readily accessible product, and if desired
allow the users direct access to an agency, the database
model should also be available on-line.
The objective of the study is to establish a digital
integrated thematic database by utilising the state of the
art of information system, so that information product is
readily accessible to the users. The internet provides a
way to access directly to the model. The full access to
this thematic database is still in preparation, so the users
may access the data through bakosurtanal homepage
The heart of the development of the system is
thematic database model, that can give reliable
information to the users. Therefore, the design of the
thematic database is based on relational database, which
is designed to integrate data from government institutions
and project oriented product. The design was created
open-ended to allow the other mapping agencies to adopt
the model. The database should be consisting of projects,
institutions, activities, provinces, regions, maps, themes,
sub themes, scales, attributes and codes. The design of
the database model is illustrated in figure 1.