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Compte-rendu of the WG VI/3 
Mariano Cunietti Memorial Meeting in Parma 
Mojca Kosmatin Fras, WG VI/3 Co - chairperson 
From February 15 to 19, 1999 the WG VI/3 "International 
Cooperation and Technology Transfer" and the Italian Society 
of Surveying and Photogrammetry organized a meeting of the 
working group in Parma, Italy. The one - week meeting was 
dedicated to memory of Prof. Mariano Cunietti, the Italian 
acknowledged scientist, in different geo-related disciplines, 
who died two years ago. His contribution reflected on both 
Italian national and international level. The meeting took place 
in the Main Hall of the University of Parma. Parma is a nice 
city of art and culture and is also known by it’s good cuisine. 
The meeting was ambitious in program (more than thirty 
presented papers) and covered different disciplines: digital 
photogrammetry, architectural surveying, WEB, DBMS and 
GIS, thematic cartography and remote sensing, metrology and 
data processing, deformation monitoring, positioning and 
reference frame, mapping from space and extraterrestrial 
mapping. A poster session, presenting twelve posters, was 
organized as well. 
The first day began in the afternoon with the opening session, 
where the academic authorities, Prof.’s C. Scaravelli and C. 
Monti, presented their welcome addresses, on behalf of the 
Rectors of the University of Parma and of the TU of Milan 
respectively. Successively continued with the contributions of 
the invited speakers, Prof.’s L. Alfano, A. Capello and R. 
Cassinis who had luck to know Prof. Mariano Cunietti 
personally and to work with him, recalling their memories of 
Prof. Cunietti and his work. This session was opened by the 
ISPRS WG VI/3 Chair - person and chaired by the Local Host, 
Prof. G. Forlani. 
After the memorial part of the opening session, the ISPRS WG 
VI/3 Chair - person thanked very much the Academic 
Authorities of both the Univesity of Parma and the TU of 
Milan, particulary the first one for the hospitality. Furthermore 
he gave a special thanks to the distictnes guests, Prof.'s L. 
Alfano, A. Capello and R. Cassinis, for their contributions in 
memory of Prof. Mariano Cunietti. Moreover he thanked a lot 
Prof.'s G. Konecny and K. Kraus, for participating the meeting 
and giving their contributions. Finally he especially thanked 
Prof. G. Forlani, for organization of the meeting, and all the 
speakers and participants of this meeting. 
Since fifties, Prof. Mariano Cunietti, after his degree in Physics, 
was assistant professor of Survey and Mapping, at the 
Polytechnic of Milan. Then, since sixties, he became full 
professor of Technical Industrial Measurements, on the chair of 
the retired Prof. Gino Cassinis (ISPRS President, Rector of the 
Polytechnic of Milan and Mayor of the same city). 
During his long career, Prof. Mariano Cunietti studied 
gravimetry, photogrammetry, metrology and deformation 
measurements. He gave an important contribution to the 
realization of the first Italian gravimetric campaign. Deeply 
interested in epistemology, he worked a lot in the comparison, 
dialogue and confrontation between metrology and error theory. 
Regarding photogrammetry, Prof. Mariano Cunietti was 
Secretary of the ISP TC III, in the period 1956 - 1960, and 1 st 
Italian delegate in the OEEPE for a very long period. He and 
his research team at the Polytechnic of Milan participated in 
many projects with important contributions, assuming 
sometimes the fundamental role of pilot center. 
Prof. Mariano Cunietti was Director of the Institute of Geodesy 
Surveying Photogrammetry and Geophysics at the Polytechnic 
of Milan and tutor of several students in the Survey and 
Mapping, and Metrology Ph.D. Courses in Milan and Turin. 
Furthermore he was the dean of the Italian Professors of 
Technical Industrial Measurements and Organizer of twelve 
Thinkshops on Metrology. 
The person of Prof. Mariano Cunietti constituted an interesting 
figure, with a very suitably balanced mixture of scientist and 
humanist: he liked and knew literature, arts and music very 
well. Philosophy and Physics were always present in his 
scientific activities and he clearly taught the relation between 
theory and praxis during his fascinating lectures. 
The first paper presented was invited paper of Prof. G. Konecny 
titeled «Mapping from Space». In the introduction, Prof. 
Konecny pointed out some Italian contributions to the survey 
and mapping disciplines, e.g. the first perspective, made in the 
Italian renaissance, by Brunelleschi and Leonardo da Vinci. 
Successively he pointed out the foundation of Military 
Geographic Institute in Florence in 1873. 
Furthermore he recalled the activities of Umberto Nistri who 
founded the firm Ottico Meccanica Italiana (OMI) in Rome, 
producing photogrammetric instruments, shortly after the 1 st 
world war, and of Ermenegildo Santoni who developed 
innovative photogrammetric instruments at the firm Galileo in 
Florence, at the same time. Moreover he noted that the firm 
OMI also produced the first analytical plotter, under Helava & 
Parenti, at the beginning of sixties. 
Finally remembering the figure of Prof. Gino Cassinis, ISPRS 
President and Congress Director of the ISP Congress of Rome 
in 1938, he recalled that Prof. Mariano Cunietti was coworker 
and colleague of him. Thus going to the end of his introduction, 
he pointed out that Prof. Mariano Cunietti, together with the 
late Prof. Giovanna Togliatti, evaluated the first space images 
taken by the Large Format Camera of NASA. 
The main topic of his presentation was not directed toward 
history, but toward the future professional challenges which lie 
in «mapping from space». Firstly he established a motivation, 
why mapping from space is important, secondly he re - posted 
as to what can be accomplished today, for the benefit of the 
whole humanity, and thirdly he opened the challenged scenario 
for mapping from space in the future. 
The first technical session was chaired by C. Monti. The chair 
persons of other technical sessions were: A. Selvini, M.A. 
Brovelli, B. Crippa, T. Bellone, F. Radicioni, G. Manzoni, F. 
Migliaccio, F. Sanso, G. Fangi, L. Mussio. 
The first technical session dealt with architectural surveying. 
Some first results of an approach of surveying and mapping 
sculptures, with digital photogrammetric methods, the

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