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International cooperation and technology transfer
Mussio, Luigi

Dear colleagues and friends,
the ISPRS WG “International Cooperation and Technology
Transfer”, together with the Italian Society of Surveying and
Photogrammetry, according to the best wishes of the past and
new Presidents of the Society, organized a Prof. Mariano
Cunietti’s Memorial Meeting, in the third week of February, at
the University of Parma (Italy).
The aim of this Memorial Meeting is to celebrate the person of
Prof. Mariano Cunietti, who died in July of two years ago and
his important role at national and international level. Notice that
this isn’t an official ISPRS event; however the Prof. Mariano
Cunietti’s Memorial Meeting is strongly related to ISPRS.
Indeed an official meeting of the ISPRS WG VI/3 was
scheduled in the first week of February, at the University of
Cape Town. This meeting in Italy would represent a repetition,
because the two places are far enough. Unfortunately
unforeseeable and undesirable difficulties and troubles in
Indonesia imposed to delay of one year the ISPRS TC VI Mid
Term Symposium.
The ISPRS Council canceled the Meeting in Cape Town,
because of an evident conflict of date. However the patience
and the will of the ISPRS WG VI/3 staff obtained to participate,
as Cooperating Working Group, in a new official meeting to be
held in the second week of December, in Cotonou (Benin).
I thank very much the Academic Authorities of both the
University of Parma and the Polytechnic of Milan, particularly
the first one for the hospitality, taking into account the
important contribution given by Prof. Gianfranco Forlani; let
me thank Proffs. Gottfried Konecny and Karl Kraus too, all the
speakers of both opening and technical sessions and the
participants in this meeting.
I sincerely hope that the spirit and the lesson of Prof. Mariano
Cunietti’s life might do everybody in the future richer than in
the past, so that everybody may return home, after the meeting,
better than his departure. Finally let me recall that the last
meeting of the ISPRS WG VI/3 will be held, in the first week
of February of a next year, in Ljubljana (Slovenia).
local host, not only a famous scientist, but also a sincere and
cooperative friend since a very long period.
Finally I’m sure that the meeting has been fruitful and positive
for all of you, recognizing the importance of the international
cooperation and technology transfer.
I hope to meet you again in Cotonou and/or in Ljubljana and in
Amsterdam. Thanks a lot again, ciao.
Dear colleagues and friends,
after one week of hard work, interesting discussion and nice
events, now this meeting is finishing.
Firstly let me recall the very strong figure of Prof. Mariano
Cunietti, the spirit of his life, on both scientific and human
points of view, and the lesson that he gave us.
Successively let me thank again Prof. Gianfranco Forlani, our
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