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International cooperation and technology transfer
Mussio, Luigi

Before this project, the province of Santiago del Estero
(Argentine) only had topographic charts in 1:250.000
scale, built trought survey measurements made during
the 70’s as a result of the works performed for the
Militar Geographic Institute(M.G.L), in accomplishment
with the law #22.963 (“Chart Law”). This law provided
the cartography of all the country in sheets in
1:500.000 scale, covering each one a rectangle of 2°
in latitude and 3° in lenght, each one of which is divided
in four sheets in 1:250.000 scale (1° in lat. and 1°30’ in
lenght), this successively in nine sheets of 1:100.000
scale (20’ x 30’) which is divided in four sheets in
1:50.000 scale (10’x15’) and these in four in 1:25.000
scale of 5’ in latitude x 7’30” in lenght.
The Santiago del Estero province, whose position is
indicated in the graphic, with the purpose of puting in
action and increasing the knowledge of the territorial
wealth and its distribution, to build economical and
statistics data which serve as the basis to the planing
actions; carry out these tasks, according to its own
functions, established in the Provincial Cadastre
Territorial Law.
To accomplish this work the province provided us
seven LANDSAT TM Satelital Images, of 1994, which
cover almost all the provincial territory. Two small
stripes remained without cover in the east and
southeast. This zones were covered with other four
images of 1997 acquired recently, because it was
impossible to obtain 1994 images of this sectors.
The elaboration of this work was commended to the
Survey Departament of the Exact Sciences and
Technology of the Nacional University of Santiago del
Estero, by means of an Agreement signed between the
General Cadastre Direction and the University, in July,
The area to cover is situated in the north sector of
Argentina, aproximately between the 25° 30’ and 30°45’
of South latitude paralels and the 61°40’ and 65°30’ of
lenght meridians, and has a surface of 135.254 Km 2 .
In 1:100.00 scale a total of 96 charts are necesary to
cover the whole provincial territory, shown in the
following figure:
X pfojnce ахи vth г.тоаа» sens mgl renwrowns
»• 63* 62*
The general production process of a Image
cartographic sheet, involve diferents stages; the first is
the acquisition of the images.One must pay atention to
the capture date and the best band combination. In our
case we have not option and we had to work with the
images which possesed the province.
The process issued are the georeferentiation,
rectification, the land recognition, and the cartography
edition. Considering these aspects, planification
previse the following steps: