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The 3rd ISPRS Workshop on Dynamic and Multi-Dimensional GIS & the 10th Annual Conference of CPGIS on Geoinformatics
Chen, Jun

ISPRS, Vol.34, Part 2W2, “Dynamic and Multi-Dimensional GIS", Bangkok, May 23-25, 2001
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Journal of
Peijun DU \ Dazhi GUO 2 and Qihao WENG
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1 College of Environment and Spatial Informatics, China University of Mining and Technology,
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ter, D., 1999.
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using a New
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KEY WORDS: Mining subsidence, integrated data collection system, spatial simulation, hybrid data structure, 3D data structure
amework and
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ocessing. 2 nd
Mining subsidence is a kind of familiar Geo-phenomenon, and creates serious damage to regional ecology and environment in mining
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areas. The monitoring, treatment and management of mining subsidence land have already got more and more attentions, and those
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are seemed as one of the fundamental issues on sustainable development of mining areas. Among all those studying fields, the
aal Society for
collection of information about subsiding land, 3D representation and simulation may be the most important. It is proved that Digital
5. Interactive
edings of the
Photogrammetry System (DPS) and GPS techniques can be used to capture information needed in representation of mining subsiding
Graphics and
land with the assistance of conventional surveying technique and spatial forecasting model. By the Integrated Data Collection System
:alves, J.G.M.,
ruction of 3D
(IDCS) information about subsidence, exploitation and land use in different time and position can be got. It is important and meaningful
3S Journal of
to realize 3D representation and simulation of subsiding land and its dynamic process, and many key issues should be discussed.
, 1-22.
In this paper, after and introduction, the mining subsidence phenomena and properties of subsiding land are discussed firstly, including
I Journal of
ig v 51, 299-
the causes, features, and its impacts on mine production and human-settlement environment. In part III, an integrated data collection
system (IDCS) formed by DPS, GPS, TS (Total Station), level and GIS would be proposed. In part IV, 3D data structure, especially 3D
H. 1996. 3D
Analysis and
integrated data structure are analyzed according to practical situation, and some useful 3D integrated data structure are proposed, and
Journal of
ig v 51, 196-
then the integration of GIS and mining subsidence forecasting model is studied. Finally, some conclusions are given in part V.
environment problem and got more and more attention from
1 INTRODUCTION different fields. Among those, how to capture the spatial
After underground mineral was exploited, the original stress information about subsidence and represent and simulate the
situation in strata and rock was destroyed and would be subsiding land is a very important issue, but relative
distributed again. When the new stress situation formed, the achievements are few. With the development of Geomatics,
rock would collapse and ground surface subside, that is mining which takes Remote Sensing (RS), Geographic Information
subsidence. Mining not only bring damages to land resource and System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) as its core,
landscape, but also cause damages to water resource (including those problem can be solved by 3S technology to great extent,
ground and underground water), forest, ground building and ^¡s P a P er we would give some discussions on the dynamic
construction, at last the physical, chemical and ecological process of mining subsidence, spatial information capturing,
environment would be influenced. So mining subsidence has representation and simulation of subsiding land and process and
already become a kind of important human-settlement relative issues.